Resident Research Champions

Pediatric Residency Investigative Scholars at Emory (PRISE): This track is designed to provide tailored, flexible support for residents interested in research and academic medicine. A key element of this track will be connecting residents with research mentors in their areas of interest. Here is a list of our Resident Research Champions:

Area of Interest Name(s)
Adolescent Medicine Holly Gooding
Allergy/Immunology Brian Vickery
Cardiology Matt Oster
Child Abuse Jordan Greenbaum
Critical Care Pradip Kamat, Jocelyn Grunwell
Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics David O'Banion, Gordon Ramsay
Emergency Medicine Claudia Morris, Maneesha Agarwal, Carmen Sulton
Endocrinology Briana Patterson
ENT Steve Goudy, Nikhila Raol
Gastroenterology Saul Karpen
General Pediatrics Hughes Evans, Rebecca Philipsborn
Hem/Onc/BMT Clint Joiner, Dan Wechsler, Muna Qayed
Hospitalists Sarah Varghese, Evan Orenstein
Infectious Disease Andres Camacho-Gonzales, Preeti Jaggi
Laboratory of Biochemical Pharmacology Baek Kim
Neonatology Ravi Patel
Nephrology Larry Greenbaum
Neurology Satya Gedela
Cystic Fibrosis Arlene Stecenko, Nael McCarty
Palliative Care Katharine Brock
Pulmonology Ajay Kasi
Radiology Erica Riedesel, Geetika Khanna
Rheumatology Sampath Prahalad
Surgery Matt Clifton

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