Physician Scientist Training Program

The PRISE+ Physician Scientist Training Program (PSTP) is an American Board of Pediatrics-approved Integrated Research Pathway (IRP) or Accelerated Research Pathway (ARP) program. Typically, PRISE residents with strong research backgrounds, such as those who hold a MD/PhD, apply to one of the PRISE+ PSTP pathways. Residents interested in PRISE+ PSTP pathways must first be accepted into the general PRISE track. To learn how to apply to PRISE, click here

Integrated Research Pathway (IRP)

This PSTP pathway enables residents to have up to 11 research rotations (equal to 11 months) over the course of their 3-year pediatric residency. IRP residents follow up their 3 year residency with a fellowship.

Accelerated Research Pathway (ARP)

This PSTP pathway requires that the first two years of residency consist only of clinical training and no research activities. This enable the resident to move more quickly onto a fellowship with dedicated research time. The pathway is 6 years total: clinical-only residency for years 1-2, clinically-focused fellowship for year 3, and research fellowship for years 4-6.

In addition to all elements of PRISE, residents in the PRISE+ PSTP will receive:

  • A Scholarship Oversight Committee (in addition to research and career mentors)
  • An Intensive grant writing workshop
  • Training in the responsible conduct of research
  • Optional coursework and workshops depending on interests
  • Preferential acceptance into fellowship of choice at Emory
  • Additional funding support available during research years

Sample milestones for PRISE+ PSTP trainees are: