Discovery Students

Emory Discovery Program

The Discovery Phase is a five-month experience that follows the 18 months of Foundations in Medical Science curriculum, and the Applications year of clinical clerkships. During the Discovery Phase, students are matched with a Emory University faculty mentor to work together on a hypothesis-driven research project, based on the interest of the student and the expertise of the mentor. The majority of students are engaged in projects that are part of the ongoing research of Emory faculty; however, students may choose to undertake research experiences elsewhere, either within the U.S. or abroad. The research project may draw from a wide variety of areas, such as clinical, basic or translational research, medical history, and health policy.

At the conclusion of the Discovery Phase, students will author, with the guidance of their mentor, a final Discovery Phase research paper in the format of a medical/scientific manuscript. Final papers are reviewed by the Medical Student Research Committee, returned with comments, and assigned a numerical score. All graduating medical students will present their research in a presentation or a poster during Medical Student Research Day.

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