Center Membership

Want to become a center member?  Please contact the respective center director(s) and/or center manager(s) and request to become a member.

A key benefit of your center membership is subsidized access to Pediatric Research Alliance Cores, including the Biostatistics Core and the Grant Editing and Manuscript Support (GEMS) Core.  Both cores provide valuable support when preparing grant applications and manuscripts.

Two key responsibilities of center members:

  1. Publications and research posters related to the center and/or that benefitted from Pediatric Research Alliance resources should include “Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta” in the Affiliations portion of the citation (appearing under the author line of the article or poster).  Examples of acceptable formats for citation are available here.
  2. Metrics tracked by each center, such as copies of grant proposals and updated CVs or biosketches, may be requested. Please reply promptly to any requests.