Plan for Research

The Pediatric Research Alliance serves all investigators doing child health-related research, in the Atlanta area and beyond. Whether you are new to research in the field of pediatrics or new to doing research in the Atlanta area, start here to find the resources and services you need to get started.

  • Funding: overview of types of funding and how to find funding for research
  • Online Databases: search for funding that matches your research interests
  • BiRD: Bringing in the Research Dollars, our curated list of funding opportunties for Pediatric Research Alliance investigators
  • Pilots: pilot calls from within our system

No matter what stage you are at in your career, good mentors help you succeed. The Pediatric Research Alliance can help you build your network of mentors:

Tools for all steps in the grant writing process, from developing research protocols to understanding application sections to submitting the application to understanding how grants are reviewed.

Biostatistics is not just for analyzing collected data, work with biostatisticians throughout the life cycle of a project to set up your study for success. The Pediatric Research Alliance supports a Biostatistics Core, and this flyer details all resources for child health-related researchers in the Atlanta area.

The first step in crafting a successful research protocol for clinical or translational research includes ensuring that the patient population is adequate. Both Emory University, Georgia Tech and Children's Healthcare of Atlanta all offer services to aid researchers in these assessments. The Research IT Resources section offers information about these tools and how to access them.

Research Administration provides the infrastructure for pre- and post-award management of sponsored research projects. This includes proposal submission, budget preparation, routing documents for appropriate internal approvals, and ongoing fiscal management over the duration of the award. Learn more about what to expect for your research projects by going to the Research Administration pages.