LEGENDplex Service

LEGENDplex™ allows researchers users to quantify cytokines on most common flow cytometers. It utilizes beads pre-coated with antibodies for their intended target. With two bead sizes and distinct intrinsic levels of APC fluorescence, bead populations to easily be identified in our complimentary software suite. Once the analyte is bound, a cocktail of biotinylated antibodies is added. This is followed by PE-Streptavidin, which serves as the signal to help quantify cytokine concentrations alongside a standard curve. 

The ability to detect up to 14 analytes with increased sensitivity and dynamic range and as little as 25 µL of sample speeds up discoveries and breakthroughs. Read more about the assay here.

More information about LEGENDplex services specific to our core coming soon.

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