Access to instrumentation will be granted after training or an induction has been completed.

Flow Cytometry Core Equipment

Lab E-362, Health Sciences Research Building

  •  BC Cytoflex Flow Cytometer
  •  BD LSRII Flow Cytometer
  •  BD LSRII Flow Cytometer
  •  Sony SH800Z Self Run Cell Sorter
  •  Imagestream X Mark II Imaging Cytometer
  •  Luminex 100 Analyzer
  •  Nexcelom Cell Counter

Lab E-362A, Health Sciences Research Building

  • BD FACS Aria II SORP Cell Sorter

Lab E-362B, Health Sciences Research Building

  •  Zellkraftwerk Slide Based Cytometer

Instrument Standard Filter Set*

* Not all filters are suitable for all fluorochromes, please speak to a member of the facility if you require different or more optimal filters.

Further information on all of our instruments can be found here.

Reporting Instrument Issues