CCIV has five integrative focus areas that are designed to build new collaborations, leading to sustainable research programs, new grant opportunities and important discoveries. 

Basic Immunology & Assay Development Program

This program studies innate and adaptive immunity to viral and bacterial pathogens, as well as vaccine-elicited immune responses. Assays to quantify immune responses and virus persistence have been developed by the following research leaders: 

HIV Research Program

CCIV covers the full spectrum of basic, translational, clinical, public health, and implementation sciences related to HIV Research. Research leaders in this area include: 

Respiratory Pathogens & Pandemic Preparedness Program

The Respiratory Pathogens Program comprises research related to RSV, SARS-CoV-2, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, and other pathogens causing illness in children. Hospital-level and global pandemic preparedness is also a a focus. Research leaders in this area include:

Antimicrobial Resistance and Stewardship Program

The development of sustainable programs to prevent and respond to increasing levels of resistance in bacterial pathogens is the focus of the Antimicrobial Resistance & Stewardship Program. Research leaders in this area include: 

Clinical Trials Program

The Clinical Trials Program centers on the evaulation of vaccines, antimicrobials, and other interventions to prevent or treat infectious diseases in children and adolescents. Research leaders in this area include: ​

For more information on research from Emory University's Department of Pediatrics' Infectous Diseases Division, in which many CCIV researchers are housed, please click here