About Us

David Archer, PhD
Scientific Director

David R. Archer, PhD, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Pediatrics of Emory University School of Medicine. Dr. Archer serves as the Scientific Director of the Pediatric Animal Physiology Core.

Dr. Archer's research interests are focused on the pathogenesis of sickle cell disease with respect to the generation, prevention, and treatment of organ dysfunction. His lab's studies on the pathogenesis of sickle cell nephropathy are likely to examine the role of endothelial cells in the generation of both proteinuria and the concentrating defects associated with renal dysfunction. His lab employs hematopoietic stem cell transplantation to correct the hematological defect in murine models of sickle cell disease.

His lab has considerable experience in the maintenance of sickle mouse colonies, transplantation, and hematological and functional analysis of the outcomes. In their collaborative projects, these skills enable them to generate the sickle phenotype in the models of oxidant stress included in this project and therefore allow them to investigate the role of various oxidant response genes in the pathogenesis of sickle vasculopathy.


Rebeccah Wood, MA, BS, LVT, RLATg
Technical Director

Rebeccah Wood is a licensed veterinary technician and registered laboratory animal technologist who brings over 25 years of combined experience in veterinary and laboratory animal medicine to the Animal Physiology Core. With a Master's degree in Bioethics, her expertise spans small animal surgery and training, regulatory and IACUC policy adherence, and all manner of veterinary techniques.

In her previous role, Rebeccah trained researchers across campus in multiple types of surgical and technical procedures, emphasizing not only proficiency and compliance with regulatory standards but also the highest quality of animal care. She is deeply dedicated to promoting responsible and reproducible scientific outcomes through the compassionate treatment of animals.

As a skilled practitioner with a steadfast commitment to science and welfare, Rebeccah hopes to continue to be a resource to Emory’s lab animal community by providing surgical and technical services to researchers at Emory and beyond.