The Children's Center for Immunity and Applied Genomics (CIAG) is retaining its focus on immunology, but serving as the primary driver of precision molecular medicine for children. To our knowledge, it will be unique in having clinical immunology as the primary genomic medicine theme. CIAG which will continue to be co-directed by Dr. Subra Kugathasan and Dr. Greg Gibson. The main goals of the CIAG will include, but are not limited to:

  • Conduct precision diagnostics through applied genomics
  • Create personalized management plans to prevent complications, improve outcomes, and enhance quality of life
  • Develop precision therapeutics through pharmacogenomics, tailoring drug therapies to each patient’s genetic makeup
  • Prevent disease progression through detection of at-risk siblings and unborn children
  • Foster inter-institutional and cross-departmental collaborations to combine expertise across Georgia Tech, Emory University, and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
  • Coordinate regulatory and fiscal affairs required to gain approval for genomic profiling and on-and off-label interventions in keeping with initiatives at children’s hospitals all over the country
  • Sharpen our focus on genomics-enabled precision medicine