To request more information about any of the below CCTR services, please e-mail us.

  • Protocol Scientific Consultation: CCTR provides individual scientific consultations for investigator-initiated studies. Please note: a draft proposal or protocol must be submitted prior to the meeting. 
  • Research/Data Safety Monitoring Plan: CCTR assists investigator-initiated studies by providing remote/on-site interim monitoring visits, assisting in the creation of the data and safety monitoring plan, and the development, implementation and closure of corrective and preventive actions (CAPA). If you would like to set up monitoring visits for your investigator-initiated studies, please contact Dr. Miriam Vos.  
  • FDA regulatory consultations are available to investigators interested in submitting a Pre-IND or IND application.  Please contact Kristen Herzegh with any questions surrounding your application or general questions regarding FDA regulatory strategies and submissions.   
  • Clinical Research Resources: CCTR provides investigators and their teams with a wealth of clinical research resources.