CDA/NDA Routing Process

Guidance for New CDAs/NDAs received by Emory Department of Pediatrics and Pediatric Institute Faculty

Confidential Disclosure Agreements, sometimes referred to as an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) or an RDA (Restricted Disclosure Agreement). Generally speaking these types of agreements outline what information is confidential, what and how information can be shared, and what information should be restricted from other parties. These agreements allow parties to discuss details of their business and inventions without the fear of making important information public. 

For new confidential disclosure agreements (CDA) and non-disclosure agreements (NDA), approval is required by the appropriate office.  Please review the list below to determine which category best fits the purpose of the new CDA or NDA.  When you send an email, please remember to include the following information:

  • Principal Investigator
  • Sponsor Contact Name
  • Sponsor Contact Email Address
  • Project Title
  • Proposed or draft agreement (attached in Word format only (not pdf) in case edits are needed)
  • Clearly identify any request that is urgent and require expedited review in subject heading
  • Information about data sharing:
    • Emory will receive confidential information only; OR
    • Emory will share confidential information only; OR
    • Sponsor will share confidential information and Emory will or may share confidential information

Where to route CDAs/NDAs

1. CDAs for Industry/Clinical Trials

​For industry clinical trials with a Children’s component (most will fit this), route to Children’s Office of Sponsored Programs
        ►Process: Send email with the CDA attached to Children's Office of Sponsored Programs
For industry clinical trials without a Children’s component, route to Emory Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) 
        ►Process: Send email with agreement attached to Emory Office of Sponsored Programs

2. CDAs for Foundations/Non-Profits and Federally funded trials 

Route to Emory Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)
        ►Process: Send email with agreement attached to Emory Office of Sponsored Programs 

3. CDAs for Pre-Clinical Studies or anticipation/discussion of potential research

 Route to Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) - including investigator-initiated studies
        ►Process: Send email with agreement attached to Emory Office of Technology Transfer 

4. CDAs for Consulting Agreements

These need review by your Department and the Dean's office as an external activity
       ►Process: Submit the agreement as an external activity request in the Emory Electronic Conflict of Interest site
                    - You can view the eCOI submission instructions here

*If the CDA or NDA does not appear to fit the above categories, contact Sarah Marie Huban.