The Emory-Children's Center Research Unit (ECC-RU) is located on the first floor of the Emory-Children’s Center Building, within the Children’s Specialty Services Clinic. It is Emory University space, managed by the Department of Pediatrics. The ECC-RU is dedicated to clinical research activities and is available for IRB approved protocols conducted by Emory Department of Pediatrics faculty and their team members. The unit contains a research staff work room, storage room, phlebotomy chair, two exam rooms and one interview room which can also be used as an exam room.  

The ECC-RU is self-service. Once an appointment is booked in the dedicated on-line scheduling system, the IRB status is verified and the study team is given badge access to the workroom. The study staff is responsible for all subject interactions, including informing the subject of the visit and escorting them to the unit. The rooms are equipped with basic supplies: gloves, sharps containers, foaming hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes. Anything else will need to be provided by the study team and the room must be cleaned after use. The PI is responsible for overseeing the research activities performed and insuring all staff is appropriately trained and credentialed.

Please review the ECC-RU Guidelines prior to requesting use of the unit.

Available Space:   

  • 2 exam rooms
  • 1 consult room 
  • Research staff work room
  • Supply storage room


  • Emory Children’s Center, 2015 Uppergate Drive Atlanta, GA 30322
  • 1st Floor, Rooms: 164, 170, 172, and 173

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ECC-RU Access and Appointments

To request use of the ECC-RU for your study, please complete the SAC Application.

For badge access to the ECC-RU, please complete this form.  

To schedule an appointment, please click here.

If you require after hours use of the ECC-RU, please complete this form.