CF Scholars Program

The goal of the CF Scholars Program is to recruit, educate, and mentor pre-doctoral and postdoctoral researchers and clinicians to become the next generation of academicians in cystic fibrosis research. By the completion of this program, participants should have gained an increased understanding of CF and how to perform team science, enhanced their communication skills, and become patient and scientific advocates. The program includes indepth and frequent interactions between CF clinicians and CF scientists so the trainee will be educated on the important role each plays in the lives of the CF patient and their family. The CF Scholars Program is headed by directors Joanna Goldberg, PhD, Nael McCarty, PhD, and Rachel Linnemann, MD.

Learn about the full program below or in this document.

To apply see this document.

Who are CF Scholars?

  • All CF@LANTA RDP Fellows.
  • All trainees with a CFF Fellowship, including Pediatric Pulmonary or Adult Pulmonary
  • Fellows or Postdoctoral Fellows.
  • Other trainees can submit an application to the co-directors indicating their interest
    • Letter of interest: A one page letter describing your interest in CF, career goals, and reasons for wanting to participate in CF Scholars
    • Letter of support from your PI or program director: A letter of recommendation supporting your participation and agreeing to allow you time to participate in CF Scholars
    • Curriculum Vitae

All fellows will be expected to submit abstracts to NACFC.

Travel Award Competition: Fellows without other sources of support for travel funding will be eligible to submit abstracts for competitive funding for up to $1,250 toward travel in order to present their work at NACFC. One award will be available each year. The CF Scholars Committee will select the awardee.

This is a rolling 2 year program starting in July 2019.

CF Scholars Activities (required):

1) CF Scholars Sessions, 6 per year, Fridays 2:00 – 3:00 or 3:30 PM (open to all)

Year 1

  • Introduction to the CF
  • Introduction to CF Pulmonary Disease
  • Introduction to CF Gastroenterology/Endocrine Disease
  • Patient Grand Rounds: Infancy
  • CF Scholars Case Grand Rounds
  • CF Scholars Case Grand Rounds

Year 2

  • Patient Grand Rounds: Adolescence
  • CF Scholars Case Grand Rounds
  • CF Scholars Case Grand Rounds
  • Patient Grand Rounds: Adulthood
  • CF Scholars Case Grand Rounds
  • CF Scholars Case Grand Rounds

Patient Grand Rounds: These sessions are focused on the patient and family experience
of living with CF. A patient with CF and/or caregiver are invited to attend.

CF Scholars Case Grand Rounds: These sessions are run by the CF scholars. A
clinician and scientist work together to develop and present the session. The clinical
scholar presents a patient case and discusses the clinical aspects of the case, and the
scientist discusses a basic or translational science aspect of the case.

2) CF Scholars Symposium, 2 per year, Evenings 5:00 – 6:30 PM (refreshments provided)

Year 1

  • Introduction to the CF clinics and meet the CF faculty
  • Introduction to the IRB and the CF Biorepository

Year 2

  • Partnering with the CFF: Research opportunities including the CFF patient
  • registry, TDN, clinical trials, and grant opportunities
  • Bench to Bedside: How clinicians and researchers work together to solve
  • problems

3) CF Research Seminars, weekly, Wednesdays 4:00 – 5:00 PM
Research presentations given by CF scientists and members of their laboratories, also including outside visitors

4) Experiential Learning Program
Shadowing for PhDs:

  • Opportunity to visit half day CF clinics over the 2 years. Clinics may include: Pediatric, Adult, Transplant, CF diabetes, CF GI

Shadowing for MDs:

  • Opportunity to shadow CF researchers for a half day in the laboratory

The CF Scholars Committee oversees the program.

Members include:

  • Joanna Goldberg, PhD - Co-Director, CF Researcher
  • Nael McCarty, PhD - Co-Director CF Researcher, CF@LANTA Director
  • Rachel Linnemann, MD - Co-Director, CF Clinician Scientist & CF Care Center Director
  • Arlene Stecenko, MD, CF Clinician Scientist, CF@LANTA Co-Director
  • Randy Hunt, MD, CF Clinician Scientist & Adult CF Program Director
  • Jessica Alverez, PhD, CF Researcher
  • Joshua Chandler, PhD, CF Researcher
  • 3rd Year Pediatric Pulmonary Fellow