Emory IRB

An Institutional Review Board (IRB) is a committee whose primary responsibility is to protect the rights and welfare of human subjects in research.  All research activities involving human subjects must be reviewed and approved by an IRB unless the IRB can prospectively determine that the research falls into a category of exemption established by federal regulation.

Emory IRB reviews the following:

Additional information needed during the submission process:

Cost Option Form:

  • This form is used to verify that the language in the "Costs" section of the consent form aligns with sponsor agreement. This document is provided by the office preparing the budget (Peds RAS for Department of Pediatric faculty, OCR for other Emory departments).

In Case of Injury (ICOI):

  • This part of the consent is verified by the contracts office (Emory OTT or OSP). It is internally communicated to IRB.

For complete information and submission details, visit the Emory IRB website.


Emory University Institutional Review Board
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