Intellectual Property, Patents and Licensing

Intellectual Property will be governed by one of the following 3 agreement/policies:

  • For Children’s employees: Children’s intellectual Property policy
  • For collaborative efforts that include Children’s medical staff, funded by Children’s Vision endowment or other Children’s sources and include Georgia Tech faculty: Children’s/Georgia Tech Intellectual property agreement
  • For projects by Emory faculty in the DOP or for those outside of the DOP that are funded/supported  by Children’s Funding endowment:  Children’s/Emory Intellectual Property Agreement or Master Agreement

Project-Generated Resources:

  • If the research supported by this grant resulted in data, research materials (such as cell lines, DNA probes, animal models), protocols, software, or other information available to be shared with other investigators, describe the resource and how it may be accessed.
  • NOTE: Include inventions, patents, patent applications in this section

Technology Transfer Offices and Contacts: