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The Pediatric Research Development Core (PRDC) has three overlapping arms of service for the Department of Pediatrics: General Resources and Services, Education and Training, and Proposal Development. These three arms provide a support system to optimize a researcher's career.

General Resources and Services includes sustaining collaborative relationships with Emory's Office of Research Development and Research Administrative Services. PRDC staff can help researchers liaise with these offices. We also facilitate collaborations and networking among researchers, maintain Department of Pediatrics boilerplates used in most funding applications, and maintain example funding applications (both internal and external) often used by DOP researchers. A key general service is the maintenance of DOP pilot programs, from the Buchter Resident Research Award through Junior Faculty Fellowship. Finally, falling under General Resources and Services are the Manuscript and Grant Editing Services that the PRDC has long provided to DOP researchers. More can be learned on our General Resources & Services page. 

Education and Training forms a key component of the PRDC, predominately through the Emory Child Health Initiative to Reduce the Physician-Scientist Shortage (CHIRPSS). This broad curricular initiative intervenes in various stages of the Physician-Scientist career (from Resident Scholars to Early Career Researchers) to prepare scholars for the rigorous research environment they are entering. Created specifically to address the identified problem of the loss of potential physician-scientists, CHIRPPS focuses exclusively on the population of scholars that benefit from training programs like the R38, T32, K12, and KL2, and offers a variety of curriculum and evaluation resources and support services. In addition to CHIRPSS, the Core also offers a wide-variety of workshops, career development events, and mentor training. More can be learned on our Education and Training page. 

Proposal Development within the PRDC primarily focuses on complex, multi-project funding applications. We offer a tiered structure of services including project management, proposal editing, feedback, and review. Our Proposal Development arm also maintains funding opportunity resources, and facilitates Red Team Review. More can be learned on our Proposal Development page. 

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