Ian’s Friends Foundation Brain Tumor Biorepository

Ian’s Friends Foundation (IFF) Brain Tumor Biorepository at Children’s Health Care of Atlanta (CHOA) has been established to collect, culture, and distribute pediatric brain tumor biospecimen for research studies with CHOA IRB approval and patient consent. The goal of IFF is to make these biospecimen available free of charge except for shipping to research investigators working on advancing the molecular understanding and treatment of pediatric brain tumors. Currently the IFF Brain Tumor Biorepository at CHOA has several pediatric brain tumor neurosphere cultures available.

The brain tumor cells are grown as neurospheres or as attached cultures on laminin. There are several glioblastomas, one DIPG and one MB growing as neurospheres. These cultures have been quality control tested and found free of mycoplasma, bacteria and fungi contamination. Phenotypic verification has been done by H&E evaluation and currently short tandem repeat cell line authentication matching the cell cultures to the original tumor is being done.

Also available are viable brain tumor tissue and early growth neurospheres which have not gone through quality control and which have not proliferated or thrived after passaging in our lab but may be of use for xenograft, cell sorting, or other research.

For list of currently available specimens contact: labresearchcoordinator@choa.org.

To request specific specimen, download and complete the Statement of Research Intent and submit the completed form to labresearchcoordinator@choa.org.

The development of the brain tumor biorepository has been made possible through the support of Ian’s Friends Foundation and Children’s Health Care of Atlanta.

When presenting or publishing work which utilizes these brain tumor biospecimens and cell cultures include this statement in the acknowledgements:

Biospecimens (and/or derivatives or associated data) were provided by the Ian’s Friends Foundation Brain Tumor Biorepository at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Inc.

Information about Ian’s Friends Foundation can be found at www.iansfriendsfoundation.com.