The research informatics team has experience and expertise in reconciling and augmenting data capture in the clinical domain with secondary use for research purposes. To contact the team or to make EPIC data requests, contact data@choa.org.

We work with and on behalf of you to:

  • Meet face to face to gather & characterize your research data requirements
  • Identify the data structure & schema
  • Retrieve requested data, if available, from Electronic Health Record (EHR), Data Repositories & Data Warehouse
  • Provide a custom formatted deliverable dataset (i.e. tab- or comma-delimited text, Excel spreadsheets, REDCap databases, XML, etc)

We will also work with you to:

  • Set proper expectations and help reconcile the data addressing potential barriers such as:
    • Missing Data/ Data not available
    • Data not readily retrievable
    • Unintended data anomalies
  • Provide expertise to capture structured data prospectively using EHRs and Point of Care (POC) tools
  • Identify Informatics related research opportunities in your specialty and collaborate with you and other participating institutions like Morehouse, Ga Tech & GSU towards developing rigorous research projects

If you are interested in discussing potential projects around datasets you currently have and/ or accessing data from EPIC to use for research purposes, please contact data@choa.org to schedule a consultation. This preliminary discussion will help define your actual research related needs and determine what is feasible before you move to the next step of submitting an official Clinical Report Request form. These consultations are provided on a fully subsidized basis during the research grant application process to help you define your research project requirements.

The Informatics Core is generously supported by Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and Emory University. When presenting or publishing work completed using the core, please include "Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and Emory University Pediatric Informatics Core" in the acknowledgments.

To determine if you should use "Children's Healthcare of Atlanta" in your author affiliations, please see guidelines here.