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2017 Researcher Appreciation Day

The Emory University Department of Medicine 2017 Research Appreciation Day results are in and we are thrilled to announce that over 40 nominations were submitted and 12 nominees from Pediatrics were selected. These individuals are truly making a difference in their field and were nominated by their peers and colleagues for their groundbreaking research, development of new technologies, and continued pursuit of novel and innovative ideas. Please join us in congratulating these outstanding researchers!

  • Ann Chahroudi
    • Research Focus: HIV
  • Mike Davis
    • Research Focus: Stem cell therapy for pediatric heart failure
  • Warren Jones
    • Research Focus: Social neuroscience
  • Cassandra Josephson
    • Research Focus: Clinical trials to optimize transfusion therapy for children
  • Subra Kugathasan
    • Research Focus: Inflammatory bowel diseases
  • Gregory Melikian
    • Research Focus: Mechanisms of entry/fusion of human pathogenic envelope viruses and their regulation by host factors, with the primary focus on HIV
  • Ann Mertens
    • Research Focus: Childhood cancer survivorship
  • Cheng-Kui Qu
    • Research Focus: Hematopoietic stem cell; Leukemia
  • Mehul Raval
    • Research Focus: Pediatric health services research
  • Mehul Suthar
    • Research Focus: Flaviviruses cause disease in humans
  • Miriam Vos
    • Research Focus: Fatty liver disease
  • Elizabeth Wright
    • Research Focus: Cryo-electron microscopy and molecular biology approaches to explore the three dimensional structures of viruses and cells

If you’d like to read more about their research please follow this link: