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Murali-Krishna Kaja, PHD

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Associate Professor
Division of Infectious Disease
Department of Pediatrics
Emory University School of Medicine

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Dr. Kaja (Murali-Krishna) received his Ph.D. degree from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore in 1995. Following post-doctoral training in Dr. Rafi Ahmed's laboratory at Emory University, he joined the University of Washington faculty in 2001. He is an Associate Professor of Immunology and a Core Staff Faculty of Washington National Primate Center.

A hallmark of the adaptive immune system is its ability to respond with greater vigor upon second exposure to antigen. This phenomenon, termed immunological memory, is the basis of vaccination. The most efficient vaccines that we know so far are live infectious agents that are cleared following acute infection.

The goal of experiments in the Kaja laboratory is to understand the mechanisms by which innate and adaptive immune systems interact together in response to infection and generate the most efficient protective immune memory. Lessons learned from such experimental models will be useful for rational and refined vaccine design. The projects in the lab are specifically focused on understanding how type-I interferons, a set of inante anti-viral cytokines that are induced in the first few hours after infection, influence the generation and maintenance of pathogen specific cytotoxic and helper T cell responses.


The article below was published in The Hindu, a national newspaper in India, and profiles some of the work being done by the EVC in India as well as the initiative to establish an MOU between the States of Georgia and Karnataka to stimulate cross-border business in the life sciences sector.

This made press during the 2013 BioIndia event held in Bangalore and features an interview by Murali Kaja. Leadership of the Governor's office within the Georgia Department of Economic Development and the Metro Atlanta Chamber along with representation by the EVC and GT participated in the execution of the historic MOU.

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