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Lewis A. Wheaton, PhD

Lewis A. Wheaton, PhD headshot

Associate Professor
Department of Applied Physiology
Georgia Institute of Technology

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PHONE: 404-385-2339



Research Interests:

My research interests are in understanding the neural mechanisms that provide us with skilled knowledge of performing activities of daily living, namely tool use. I am interested in using multimodal neuroimaging techniques to identify neural networks involved in the acquisition and formation of tool use behavior. I am especially interested in understanding how these networks change in neural pathology, amputation, and how they may be affected by developmental abnormalities.


Brenda Hanna Pladdy, Emory University
Steve Wolf, Emory University
Stephan Bohlhalter, NIH, University of Bern
Hiroshi Shibasaki, Takeda General Hospital
Noriaki Hattori, Morinomiya Hospital
Esteban Fridman, FLENI
Jordan Grafman, NIH
Tao Wu, Capital Medical University (Beijing)
Kathy Haaland, University of New Mexico
Kenneth Heilman, University of Florida, Gainesville, VA
Guido Nolte, Fraunhofer Institute FIRST
Minoru Shinohara, Georgia Tech
Anna Borghi, University of Bologna

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