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Eliver Ghosn, PhD

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Assistant Professor of Medicine
Lowance Center for Human Immunology
Emory University

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The Ghosn Laboratory studies the development and function of the mammalian immune system at a single-cell level. Our goal is to understand the differences between the immune cells that develop preferentially in infants versus adults, and determine the functional impact of these differences in promoting host immunity or immunopathology. 

We employ and drive the frontiers of high-dimensional (18+ parameter) flow cytometry technology as a systems immunology approach to study the development and function of the primitive immune system, in both humans and mice. The primitive immune system includes tissue-resident innate-like B lymphocytes and macrophages that develop in fetal life and persist throughout adulthood.

Our recent findings on fetal and adult hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) transplantation overtly challenge the paradigm that HSC transplantation fully regenerates all components of the immune system and establish a novel concept of HSC-independent hematopoiesis.


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