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2011 Emory+Children’s Pediatric Research Center Pilots

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2011 Pilot Project Recipients

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and its partners in research Emory University and Georgia Tech are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2011 pilot project funds through the Pediatric Research Centers. The pilot award funds are designed to stimulate new research projects and build new collaborations in child health-related research areas.

Children’s Center for Cardiovascular Biology (now known as Children's Heart Research and Outcomes Center) 

Cardiac regeneration as a novel treatment for children with HLHS

Mary Wagner, Emory University
Andres Garcia, Georgia Institute of Technology
Ahsan Husain, Emory University
Paul Kirshbom, Emory University
Nawazish Naqvi, Emory University

Hemodynamic characterization of valve placement in the Fontan circulation

Kevin Maher, Emory University
Jakob Vinten-Johansen, Emory University
Ajit Yoganathan, Georgia Institute of Technology (collaborator, no salary support)

Kv4.3 blocks oxidation-dependent cardiac caMKII activation

Yanggan Wang, Emory University

Neural correlates of executive function in teens with congenital heart disease

William Mahle, Emory University
Thomas Burns, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Center for Cystic Fibrosis Research

Alveolar macrophage functioning in the neonatal CF lung

Theresa Gauthier, Emory University

Colonic bicarbonate transport in cystic fibrosis

Criss Hartzell, Emory University
Nael McCarty, Emory University (collaborator, no salary support)

Mechanisms of dysregulated leukocyte adhesion and phagocytosis in CF patients

Cheng Zhu, Georgia Institute of Technology
Nael McCarty, Emory University (collaborator, no salary support)

Metabolomic investigation of molecular and physiologic mechanisms of accelerated lung decline in CFRD

Arlene Stecenko, Emory University
Prabha Dwivedi, Georgia Institute of Technology
Facundo Fernandez, Georgia Institute of Technology


Center for Endothelial Biology

Nanomechanical approach to study blood-endothelial cell interactions in SCD

Wilbur Lam, Emory University

Regulation of endothelin signaling in sickle cell disease: Pulmonary hypertension by PPAR gamma

Bum-Yong Kang, Emory University

The role of sFLT-1 as the mediator of glomerular endothelial dysfunction in SCD

David Archer, Emory University

Center for Developmental Lung Biology

Cell therapy for acute and chronic lung disorders: Evaluation of umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells for the treatment of chronic lung disease of prematurity

Ian Copland, Emory University
Theresa Gauthier, Emory University (collaborator, no salary support)
Shilpa Vyas-Read, Emory University (collaborator, no salary support)

Metabolomics as a diagnostic and prognostic tool for children with corticosteroid-insensitive severe asthma

Youngja Park, Emory University
Anne Fitzpatrick, Emory University

Regulation of oxidative stress in adolescent lungs by rac-guanine exchange factors

Amrita Kumar, Emory University
Jason Hansen, Emory University
My Helms, Emory University

The effects of hyperoxia on alveolar epithelial permeability

Shilpa Vyas-Read, Emory University
Michael Koval, Emory University

Center for Clinical Outcomes Research & Public Health

A tool for countering the impact of television on overweight, low-income kids

Elizabeth Mynatt, Georgia Institute of Technology
Veda Johnson, Emory University

Analysis of neonatal admissions at CHOA

Lyndsey Darrow, Emory University
Shannon Hamrick, Emory University
Maeve Howett, Emory University

Impact of maternal and child trauma on metabolic risk factors in children

Kerry Ressler, Emory University
Bekh Bradley, Emory University
Tanja Jovanovic, Grady Memorial Hospital
Miriam Vos, Emory University

Neuro-imaging study of iron-associated neurotoxicity in children (N-SINC Trial)

R. Clark Brown, Emory University

Quality of life of pediatric cancer survivors and family caregivers in transition for active cancer treatment

Linda Riley, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
Carlton Dampier, Emory University
Kristen Vangile, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Readiness for transition in adolescents with complex medical conditions

Julie Krupa, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (collaborator, no salary support)
Carlton Dampier, Emory University (collaborator, no salary support)
Nitika Gupta, Emory University (collaborator, no salary support)
Alcuin Johnson, Emory University
Laura Mee, Emory University
Michael Schechter, Emory University
Maurice Sholas, Emory University
Karen Wasilewski-Masker, Emory University

Reducing racial and ethnic disparities following congenital heart surgery

Matthew Oster, Emory University
William Mahle, Emory University (collaborator, no salary support)
Matthew Strickland, Emory University

Unobserved motor deficits and cognitive problems in TBI may impact rehabilitation

Jeanne Charles, Emory University
Kim French, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
Julie Krupa, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Center for Pediatric Healthcare Technology Innovation

Biological cardiac conduction conduits for pediatric resynchronization therapy

Todd McDevitt, Georgia Institute of Technology
Mary Wagner, Emory University (collaborator, no salary support)

Molecular mechanisms of human craniosynostosis

Rene Olivares-Navarrete, Georgia Institute of Technology
Joseph Williams, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Quantitative electrophysiology to guide pediatric epilepsy surgery

Robert Gross, Emory University
Kim Meador, Emory University
Otis Smart, Emory University

Surgical planning in congenital heart disease

Ajit Yoganathan, Georgia Institute of Technology
Kirk Kanter, Emory University

Children's Transplant Immunology and Immune Therapeutics Center

Abatacept combined with cyclosporine and methotrexate for Graft versus Host Disease prophylaxis: A randomized controlled trial

Leslie Kean, Emory University

Alloantibody mediated chronic rejection

Stuart Knechtle, Emory University
Neal Iwakoshi, Emory University

Children’s Center for Immunology and Vaccines

Developing PIV5 as a vector for HIV

Biao He, University of Georgia
Paul Spearman, Emory University

The development of probiotic organisms as a new universal vaccine delivery system

Tracey Lamb, Emory University
Jan Mead, Emory University

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