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Congratulations to the 2019 Imlay Innovation Grant Awardees

Enhancing Rehabilitation in Children With Genu Recurvatum Walking Gait Using Robotic Exoskeletons
Georgia Tech: Aaron Young, PhD, Kinsey Herrin, CO, CP
Children’s: Kelly Moore, DPT, Erin Eggebrecht, DPT
Award Amount: $125,000

Pediatric Airway Support With a 3D Printed Airway Support Device (ASD)
Georgia Tech: Scott Hollister, PhD
Children’s: Kevin Maher, MD & Steve Goudy, MD
Award Amount: $115,000

About the Imlay Innovation Fund

The Imlay Innovation Fund is intended solely to support collaborative activities and pediatric innovation and discovery efforts between Georgia Tech and Children’s, focusing on practical steps that will lead to clinical impact as well as potential commercial opportunities.

The Imlay Innovation fund supports two collaborative grant programs:

  • Quick Wins, a novel program that allows Children’s clinicians and clinical administrative leaders to bring problems that impact care delivery to the attention of scientists and engineers at Georgia Tech to help develop technology-based solutions to improve pediatric health care.
  • Innovation Grant: a program to help bridge the gap following proof to concept, giving investigators the ability to collect data, complete further proof-of-concept studies or produce prototypes for testing in order to advance a solution to the next stage of development.