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Congratulations to our 2021 Atlanta Pediatric Scholars!

The Atlanta Pediatric Scholars Program, (K12HD072245; PI, Lucky Jain, MD), is funded by The Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development and is administered and supported by Emory University Department of Pediatrics and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. This program is a mentored institutional career development program for senior fellows and junior faculty who have recently completed postgraduate clinical training in Pediatrics and are committed to launching an independent research career in basic laboratory science.

2021 Atlanta Pediatric Scholars

Maria (Stefi) Barbian, MD
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Neonatology
Project: The functional consequences of maternal gut microbial metabolites on the developing fetus
Mentors: Rheinallt Jones, PhD, Ravi Patel, MD, & Patricia Denning, MD

Shubin W Shahab, MD, PhD
Instructor, Neuro-Oncology, Aflac Cancer & Blood Disorders Center
Project: Targeting the LIN28B-let-7-PBK axis in Group 3 medulloblastoma
Mentors: Anna Kenney, MD & Tobey MacDonald, MD

Jenny Shim, MD
Instructor, Solid Tumor, Aflac Cancer & Blood Disorders Center
Project: Investigating and Targeting YAP-mediated Therapy Resistance in Neuroblastoma
Mentor: Kelly Goldsmith, MD

Learn more about the program here.