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Congratulations to our 2018 Southeastern Pediatric Research Conference Poster Winners

1st Place Scientific Poster:
Calcineurin-dependent Immune Evasion During Leukemogenesis Mediated by a Novel, Targetable Protein, S15”
Fonseca, Jairo A; Dougan, Jodi; Gardner, Lori; Rabe, Jennifer; Gearheart, Christy; Henry, Curtis; and Porter, Christopher

2nd Place Scientific Poster:
“Optical Bedside Monitoring of Cerebral Blood Flow in Children with Sickle Cell Disease During Head-of-Bed Manipulation”
Lee, Seung Yup; Sanders, Bharat; Lam, Wilbur A.; and Buckley, Erin M.

3rd Place Scientific Poster:
“Harnessing an Innate Frog Defense Peptide as an Anti-Influenza Agent”
Shartouny, Jessica; Lee, Song-Hee; Holthausen, David; and Jacob, Joshy