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2015 Pediatric Research Centers Pilot Awardees

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Congratulations to the 2015 Pediatric Research Centers Pilot Awardees


Children’s Heart Research and Outcomes Center (HeRO)


Candidate Genes for Cardiomyopathy

Guy Benian, MD, Emory University (Pathology)

Brian G. Petrich, PhD, Emory University (Pediatrics)

Birgit Funke, PhD, Harvard Medical School (Pathology)


Genetic Analysis to Identify Causal Mutations in Histiocytoid Cardiomyopathy

Bahig M. Shehata, MD, Emory University (Pathology)

Greg Gibson, PhD, Georgia Tech (Biology)

Caitlin Cundiff, BS, Georgia Tech (Biology)

Megan Hamling, BS, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (Laboratory)


In Vivo Imaging and Identification of Cerebral Vasculopathy in Murine Sickle Cell Disease

Hyacinth I. Hyacinth, MD, PhD, MPH, Emory University (Pediatrics)

David R. Archer, PhD, Emory University (Pediatrics)



Center for Cystic Fibrosis and Airways Disease Research (CF-AIR)


Protease-Activated Drug Delivery to Live Airway Neutrophils: A Disruptive Approach to CF Therapy

Rabin Tirouvanziam, PhD, Emory University (Pediatrics)

Krishnendu Roy, PhD, Georgia Tech (Biomedical Engineering)

Amit Gaggar, MD, MPH, University of Alabama in Birmingham (Pulmonary)


Bacterial Burden and Diversity of the Airway Microbiome Prior to the Onset of CFRD

Joanna Goldberg, PhD, Emory University (Pediatrics)

Arlene Stecenko, MD, Emory University (Pediatrics)



Center for Clinical and Translational Research (CCTR)


The Effect of Type 1 Diabetes on the Immune Plasticity Driven by Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cells

Andrew Muir, MD, Emory University (Pediatrics)

Jacques Galipeau, MD, Emory University (Medicine and Pediatrics)

Rabindra Tirouvanziam, PhD, Emory University (Pediatrics)

K-Y Chiang, MD, PhD, Emory University (Pediatrics)


A Pilot Study to Train Caregivers to Increase Functional Expressive Language in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: An Evaluation of Telehealth Services

Caitlin Delfs, PhD, BCBA-D, Emory University (Pediatrics)

Rachel Yosick, MA, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (Psychology)


Center for Pediatric Nanomedicine (CPN)


Delivery of Bacteriophages using Porous Particles to Treat Cystic Fibrosis Infections

Andrés J. Garcia, PhD, Georgia Tech (Mechanical Engineering)

Nael McCarty, PhD, Emory University (Pediatrics)


Ultrasmall nanoparticles for treatment of pediatric neuroblastoma

Sijia Tao, PhD, Emory University (Pediatrics)

Susan N. Thomas, PhD, Georgia Tech (Bioengineering)


Functional Gene Delivery via Structural Nucleic Acid Nanotechnology

Yonggang Ke, PhD, Georgia Tech (Biomedical Engineering)

Hee Cheol Cho, PhD, Emory University (Pediatrics)


The Release and Transfer of Microparticle-Encapsulated miRNAs from Stored Red Blood Cell

Charles D. Searles, Jr, MD, Emory University (Medicine)

John D. Roback, MD, PhD, Emory University (Pathology)

Cassandra D. Josephson, MD, Emory University (Pathology)

Roy L. Sutliff, PhD, Emory University (Medicine)

M.G. Finn, PhD, Georgia Tech (Chemistry)


Hemodynamics of neutrophil trafficking in the CF pulmonary vasculature

Wilbur Lam, MD, PhD, Emory University & Georgia Tech (Pediatrics)

Susan N. Thomas, PhD, Georgia Tech (Bioengineering)

Don Giddens, PhD, Emory University & Georgia Tech (Biomedical Engineering)


Development and application of a small pre-clinical animal model for juvenile osteochondritis dissecans (OCD)

Robert Guldberg, PhD, Georgia Tech (Bioengineering)

S. Clifton Willimon, MD, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (Orthopedics)



Junior Faculty Focused (JFF)


Long-term Outcomes Following HCT for Pediatric SCD

Elizabeth Stenger, MD, Emory University (Pediatrics)

John Horan, MD, MPH, Emory University (Pediatrics)

Lakshmanan Krishnamurti, MD, Emory University (Pediatrics)


Early Determinants of Infant BCG Immunogenicity

Lisa Cranmer, MD, MPH, Emory University (Pediatrics)

Cheryl Day, PhD, Emory University (Medicine)


Implications of Overdiagnosis and Subsequent Overuse of Children’s Surgery

Mehul Raval, MD, Emory University (Pediatrics)


Utility of Point-of-Care Ultrasound for Evaluating Acute Chest Syndrome in Patients with Sickle Cell Disease: A Pilot Study

Stephanie Cohen, MD, Emory University (Pediatrics)

Claudia Morris, MD, Emory University (Pediatrics)


Center for Pediatric Innovation (CPI)


Bioengineering Coagulation Factors through Ancestral Reconstruction

Christopher Doering, PhD, Emory University (Pediatrics)

Eric Gaucher, PhD, Georgia Tech (Biology)


Diffuse Correlation Spectroscopy for Quantification of Cerebral Hemodynamics in Children with Sickle Cell Disease

Erin Buckley, PhD, Georgia Tech (Biomedical Engineering)

David Archer, PhD, Emory University (Pediatrics)

Wilbur Lam, MD, PhD, Emory University & Georgia Tech (Pediatrics)


icuFeeds: Continuous Assessment for Feeding Intolerance in the

Neonate--Utilization of Big Data and Predictive Analytics

May (Dongmei) Wang, PhD, Georgia Tech (Biomedical Engineering)

Nikhil K. Chanani, MD, Emory University (Pediatrics)

Kevin Maher, MD, Emory University (Pediatrics)

Shannon Hamrick, MD, Emory University (Pediatrics)


Sounds of the Joints: A New Biomarker for Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

Omer Inan, PhD, Georgia Tech (Electrical Engineering)

Sampath Prahalad, MD, MSc, Emory University (Pediatrics)


Center for Transforming Pediatric Healthcare Delivery (CTPHD)


Determination of the Appropriate Level of Preventive Dental Services for Children by Risk Status and Special Healthcare Needs

Paul Griffin, PhD, Georgia Tech (Industrial & Systems Engineering)

Jack Thomas, DDS, PC, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (Dentistry)

Nicoleta Serban, PhD, Georgia Tech (Industrial & Systems Engineering)


Transforming Pediatric Heart Transplant Rejection Care Using Integrated Analytics for Precision Medicine

John H. Phan, PhD, Georgia Tech (Biomedical Engineering)

May (Dongmei) Wang, PhD, Georgia Tech (Biomedical Engineering)

William T. Mahle, MD, Emory University (Pediatrics)

Kevin Maher, MD, Emory University (Pediatrics)

Ajay Bhatia, MD, PhD, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (Cardiology)


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