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2014 Pediatric Research Conference Poster Award Winners

Clinical Research

1st Place– Theresa W. Gauthier, MD

“Placental Fatty Acid Ethyl Esters Identification of Maternal Alcohol Use during Pregnancies Complicated by Prematurity”


Theresa W. Gauthier, MD,  Sowmya S. Mohan, MD, Anne M. Fitzpatrick, PhD, Lou Ann S. Brown, PhD


2nd Place – Sassan Hashemi, MD


Four-dimensional Phase Contrast Imaging In Congenital Heart Disease”


Sassan Hashemi, MD, Denver Sallee, MD, W. James Parks, Timothy Slesnick, MD


3rd Place – Prabhu Shankar, MD, MS


RheumMate: An mHealth Application to Improve Patient Engagement, Research and Disease Management of Children with Rheumatological Disease


Prabhu Shankar, MD, MS, Jiten Chhabra, MD, MS, Rob Solomon, MS, Sampath Prahalad, MD, MSc


Basic Research


1st Place – Tanay M. Desai PhD


“The Viral Restriction factor IFITM3 Promotes Hemifusion but Blocks Full Fusion of Influenza Virus”


Tanay M. Desai PhD, Mariana Marin PhD, Christopher R. Chin, George Savidis, Abraham L. Brass MD, PhD, and Gregory B. Melikyan PhD


2nd Place – Rajneesh Jha, PhD


Enrichment of Cardiac Subtypes from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells Using Molecular Beacons


Rajneesh Jha, PhD, Brian Wile, PhD, Gang Bao, PhD, Chunhui Xu, PhD


3rd Place – Yu-Yo Sun, PhD


Th17/IL17-mediated adaptive immunity in infection-sensitized hypoxic-ischemic brain injury of newborns



Yu-Yo Sun PhD, Dianer Yang PhD, Siddhartha Kumar Bhaumik PhD, Jessica M. Baumann BS, Xiaoyi Lin MS, Diana M. Lindquist PhD, Murali Krishna Kaja PhD, Chia-Yi Kuan MD, PhD