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2010 Research Center Pilot Project Grants Awarded!

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It is with great excitement that we announce the award of $1.4M in pilot projects awarded by the new Children’s Research Centers. The award recipients include:

Children’s Center for Vaccines & Immunology

Marty Moore, PI (DOP, ID)
Phil Santangelo, Co-I (BME, Georgia Tech)

“Application of RNA probes to respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccines”

Jan Mead, PI (DOP, VA Biochem)
Rick Cummings, Co-I (Biochemistry, Emory)

“Identification of cryptosporidium-specific glycan-epitopes using microarrays”

Richard Plemper, PI (DOP, ID)
Jan Pohl, Co-I (CDC)

“Dissecting the Interface of Viral Fusion Complexes through Mass Spectrometry”

Jyothi Rengarajan, PI (DOM, ID)
Rana Chakraborty, Co-I (DOP, ID)

“Cellular immune responses to acellular pertussis vaccination in infants” 

Children’s Center for Cystic Fibrosis Research

Greg Gibson, PI (Georgia Tech, Biology)
Arlene Stecenko, Co-I (DOP, PACS)

“Genome-wide gene expression profiling in Cystic Fibrosis Related Diabetes”

Chris Hartzell, PI (Cell Biology, Emory)
Nael McCarty, Co-I (DOP, PACS)

“Colonic Bicarbonate Transport in Cystic Fibrosis”
Junmin Peng, PI (Human Genetics, Emory)
Nael McCarty, Co-I (DOP, PACS)

Children’s Center for Cardiovascular Biology

Michael Davis, PI (BME, Emory)
Guoliang Ding, Co-I (DOP, CRC)

“Microparticle delivery of antioxidants for treatment of ischemia/reperfusion injury in the neonatal heart”

Mary Wagner, PI (DOP, CRC)
Ahsan Husain, Co-I (Cardiology, Emory),
Paul Kirshbom, Co-I, (DOM: Surgery)

“Cardiac regeneration as a novel treatment for children with hypoplastic left heart syndrome”

Yanggan Wang, PI (DOP, CRC)
Gang Bao, co-I (BME, Georgia Tech)
Ron Joyner, Co-I (DOP, CRC)

“The Kv4.3-CaMKII Functional Unit in heart: A Regulatory Mechanism for CaMKII Activation”

Youngsup Yoon, PI (Cardiology, Emory)
Ron Joyner, Co-I (DOP, CRC)

“Identification of surface molecular signatures of ventricular cardiomyocytes and specific differentiation of pluripotent stem cells into ventricular cardiomyocytes”

Children’s Center for Developmental Lung Biology

Anne Fitzpatrick, PI (DOP, PACS)
Kiran Hebbar, Co-I (DOP, Critical Care)

“Role of airway glutathione homeostasis in pediatric severe asthma”

Theresa Gauthier, PI (DOP, Neonatology)
Cherry Wongtrakool, Co-I (DOM, Pulmonary)

“In utero nicotine’s effect on oxidant-induced injury to macrophage TLR4”

Children’s Center for Immune Therapies

Kuang-Yueh Chiang, PI (DOP, HemOnc)
Mandy Ford, Co-I (DOM, Surgery)

“Using CXCR4 antagonist, AMD3100, to facilitate donor mixed chimerism and improve immune tolerance of skin graft survival in murine model”

Stuart Knechtle, PI (CHOA, Surgery)
Neal Iwakoshi, Co-I (Emory, Surgery)

“Tracking Allospecific Humoral Immunity in Children”

Subra Kugathasan, PI (DOP, GI)
Jacques Galipeau, Co-I (DOP, HemOnc)

“Feasibility study of Autologous Marrow Mesenchymal Stromal Cells in IBD”

Ify Osunkwo, PI (DOP, HemOnc)
Thomas Ziegler, Co-I (DOM, Nutrition)

“Glutamine for Immune Modulation in Sickle Cell Disease”

Children’s Center for Endothelial Cell Biology Center for Endothelial Biology

Andrew Kowalczyk, PI (Emory, Cell Biology)
Tamara Caspary, Co-I (Emory, Human Genetics)
Solomon Ofori-Acquah, Co-I (DOP, HemOnc)

“Role of the primary cilium in vascular development and sickle cell disease

Solomon Ofori-Acquah, PI (DOP, HemOnc)
David Archer, Co-I (DOP, HemOnc)
Jason Hansen, Co-I (DOP, PACS)

“Mechanisms of endothelial barrier phenotypes in sickle cell disease”

Gilda A. Barabino, PI (BME, Georgia Tech)
Solomon Ofori-Acquah, Co-I (DOP, HemOnc)

“Bone Marrow Dysfunction in Children With Sickle Cell Disease”

Children’s Center for Pediatric Healthcare Technology Innovation

Gang Bao, PI (BME, Georgia Tech)
David Archer Co-I (DOP, HemOnc)

“Establishing a novel gene correction method for treating sickle cell disease”

Andres Garcia PI (BME, Georgia Tech)
Peter Thule Co-I (DOM, Endocrinology)
Andrew Muir Co-I (DOP, Endocrinology)

“Bioartificial Hydrogels for Islet Engraftment and Function”

Todd McDevitt, PI (BME, Georgia Tech)
Ron Joyner, Co-I (DOP, CRC)

“Biological cardiac conduction conduits for pediatric resynchronization therapy”

Juliet Haarbauer-Krupa, PI (CHOA)
Michelle LaPlaca, Co-I (BME, Georgia Tech)
Josh Vova, Co-I (CHOA)

“Using cell phones as cognitive prosthesis to enhance memory and organization following traumatic brain injury in teens”

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