Abstract Tips

New to writing abstracts? Check out our "Top Ten Pearls for Abstract Submissions" recording and slides.

Just want to see an example of a great abstract? Check out this excellent submission by Dr. Waitman Aumann.

What to Include in Each Section

  • Background: Significance to child health and purpose of the research project, including the hypothesis
  • Methods: Study design - include:
    • Type of study, e.g. prospective/retrospective, observational, randomized placebo-controlled trial, case-control, chart review, etc.
    • Setting/population
    • Outcome measures, both primary and secondary
    • Statistical analyses used
  • Results: Include demographics, sample size, and results for the primary and secondary outcomes described in the methods
  • Conclusions: The take-home message. Don't just repeat the results: why is this study relevant?

What Else?

  • Proper formatting according to the instructions. Do not copy and paste from another source without correctly formatting per the instructions:
    • Title must be in Title Case
    • Author names must be written as: Last Name, First Name; Last Name, First Name; and Last Name, First Name
  • Free from grammar or punctuation errors

What information will I need to submit my abstract?

  • Contact details for the corresponding author or staff person
  • One or two keywords that describe the abstract
  • If the abstract relates more to basic research, clinical or translational research, outcomes research or technology
  • If you would like the abstract to be considered for both poster and/or oral presentation