Millions of children worldwide suffer from food allergies, a poorly understood group of immune-mediated conditions that leave these children susceptible to serious allergic reactions and the psychosocial burdens of living with a chronic, unpredictable, and life-threatening disorder. 

Our Mission

The mission of the Food Allergy Center at Emory + Children’s is to perform impactful research and deliver high-quality, high-value, patient-centered care to transform the lives of those affected by food allergy in the Southeast and beyond. The four core domains of this mission are: 

  1. To provide state-of-the-art clinical care to patients with food allergies and related conditions; 
  2. To create and disseminate new knowledge through research; 
  3. To advocate for children through stakeholder engagement at all levels; and
  4. To provide a world-class training experience for the next generation of clinicians and scholars. 

Our Philosophy and Vision

We will become a national leader in the study and treatment of food allergy and related conditions while adhering to the following five foundational principles:

  1. We are patient-centered: Everything we do is focused on meeting patient needs.
  2. We act with integrity: We hold ourselves to the highest moral and ethical standards. 
  3. We treat all persons with dignity and respect: Everyone. All the time. No exceptions. 
  4. We do not quit: 99% of success in science is not giving up. Our patients depend on it. 
  5. We are a team: We are supportive of, and accountable to, one another. We have fun. 

Clinical research connects patients and families with experimental treatments and provides critically needed data to advance the field. The treatments of tomorrow are not possible without it. 

If you are interested in learning more about experimental treatments for food allergy and potentially participating in a study, please click here to register yourself and/or your child. One of our team will be in touch afterwards. 

Thank you for your interest. 



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  • Brian P. Vickery, MD
  • Lisa Kobrynski, MD
  • Merin Kuruvilla, MD
  • Gerald Lee, MD
  • Kiran Patel, MD
  • Jennifer Shih, MD

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