Our team is primarily focused on clinical research in adolescent girls and women with bleeding disorders and in conducting clinical trials focused on hemophilia A with and without inhibitors. Our institution created the Atlanta Protocol which combines FVIII ITI with Hemlibra and this is under investigation in clinical trials.

Robert F. Sidonio, Jr. MD, MSc 

Fun Fact: I love playing tennis and the ukulele.

Email: Robert.sidonio.jr@emory.edu


Megan Brown, MD, MSc (Assistant Professor, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology)

Education: Undergraduate, Michigan State University; MD, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine; MSc, Emory University; Residency (Pediatrics), University of Colorado-Denver; Fellowship, Emory University

Current Projects: Mexico Inhibitor Study and comparative effectiveness of heavy menstrual bleeding treatment.

Current Funding: National Hemophilia Foundation Takeda Clinical Fellowship

Fun Fact: I played college soccer and still love playing sports and being active.

Email: Megan.brown@choa.org

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ATHN 9 VWD (Shire/Takeda) -- 12/2017-12/2024  

1.5 million dollars awarded 12/2017                                                 

Characterizing patients with severe VWD in the United Stated enrolled in the ATHNdataset.

Co-PI's: Sidonio and Weyand


MOTIVATE Study -- 12/2018-12/2028

2 million dollars awarded 12/2018

Prospective (and partly retrospective), observational, international study to capture different approaches to ITI (Emicizumab only, Bypassing agent only and the Atlanta Protocol)

Co-I's: Sidonio and Escuriola 


Hemophilia of Georgia VWD Grant -- 06/2023-06/2025                            

1 million dollars awarded 06/2023

VWD grant focusing on novel assay development, diagnosis in adolescent girls and characterization of low VWF

Co-I's: Sidonio, Brown, Zimowski, and Li 


Investigator Initiated Grant (LFB) 

$500,000 to be awarded April 2024

Investigate the hemostatic efficacy of Eptacog Beta in Glamnzmann Thrombasthenia

Co-I's: Sidonio and Zimowski 


Von Willebrand Prophylaxis Network (Takeda and Octapharma)

Total 1 million dollars to be awarded June 2024

Investigate the population pharmacokinetics of VWF concentrate in persons with VWD

Co-I's: Sidonio and O'Donnell