As a physician scientist and clinical innovator in pediatric hematopoietic cellular therapy (HCT), my primary focus of investigation is transplant associated thrombotic microangiopathy (TA-TMA), a complication of HCT that is both common and life threatening. Utilizing multiple research methods, my overarching goal of my investigation is to improve mortality in children with TA-TMA by facilitating prompt diagnosis and investigating new therapies. I recently published a series of studies in a large pediatric cohort reporting a high prevalence of this complication after both autologous and allogeneic HCT and associated increased transplant related mortality. I am implementing a clinical tool to improve prompt diagnosis and directly impact clinical care and leading a pilot study of novel blood and imaging biomarkers of TA-TMA.

  • Identifying novel blood and imaging biomarkers of TA-TMA that aid in diagnosis, prognosis and detection of subclinical disease
  • A prospective cohort study of TA-TMA after implementation of screening guidelines identifying risk factors for developing TA-TMA and increased transplant related mortality
  • Determining the cost associated with TA-TMA and the cost effectiveness of Eculizumab
  • Novel interventional therapeutic agents for TA-TMA

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