Our lab is focused on research surrounding the immune response to factor VIII in patients with hemophilia A and on how the diversity of the B cell epitopes in the response influence effectiveness of treatment. We have on-going basic and translational studies focused on how factor VIII is initially seen by the immune system and how the B cell response develops over time. Current translational projects are addressing naïve and memory B cells in patients with hemophilia A receiving factor VIII therapy.

W. Hunter Baldwin, BS, Research Specialist

Education: BS (Biology), Virginia Tech



Courtney Cox, MS, Research Specialist

Education: BS (Cellular and Molecular Biology), University of Hawaii; MS (Microbiology with specialty in Virology), University of Hawaii



Maya Maarouf, PhD, Research Specialist 

Education: PhD (Translational Biomedical Sciences), Georgia State University



Seema Patel, PhD, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Education: BS, University of Georgia; Graduate and Post-doctoral Studies, Emory University