Resident Research Day - Oral Competition

Location: HSRB Auditorium

Resident Research Day - Oral Competition

Presentations from: 

  • Dr. Vanessa Ford, "Utilizing a Novel Visual Tool to Promote Discussion on Early Relational Health in a Pediatric Resident Clinic"
  • Dr. Rebecca McCoy, "Outcomes of Children with Tracheostomy following Implementation of Simulation-based Education"
  • Dr. Thinh Nguyen, "Patients with Severe Hepatitis Have a Systemic T-Cell Activation Phenotype and Interferon Activity Reminiscent of HLH, the Potential Role of T-cell and Interferon Gamma Directed Therapies"
  • Dr. Thomas Offerle, "Peanut Sensitization is Associated with Greater Respiratory Morbidity in Preschool Children with Comorbid Asthma"
  • Dr. Zachary West, "Comparison of MIS-C Related Myocarditis, Classic Viral Myocarditis, and COVID-19 Vaccine related Myocarditis in Children"

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