PTC / GCMI Seminar: Chris Saldana, PhD Commercialization During the COVID-19 Crisis 10/07/20

The vast majority of novel ideas from academia never make it into clinical use. Together we can change that.

On October 7th, one Georgia Tech faculty member, Chris Saldana, PhD, and the team at GCMI will share with you the impetus, idea, regulatory requirements and processes that moved one faculty member’s engineering idea out of his lab and into the hands of frontline healthcare professionals all in the midst of a pandemic. 

Christopher Saldana began working at Georgia Tech in 2014. Prior, Dr. Saldana previously held the Harold and Inge Marcus Career Professorship at the Pennsylvania State University and worked as a research engineer at M4 Sciences Corporation. Dr. Saldana's research interests are centered on establishing the processing science needed to realize next generation material systems (alloys, composites, bio-inspired) and manufacturing processes. Toward this objective, Dr. Saldana's research group seeks to develop frameworks for describing relationships between process parameters, thermomechanical variables, evolving material structure and microstructure, and overall process/material performance.

In this webinar, a discussion will be held on lessons learned while creating PPE during Covid-19, but more generally – how Georgia Tech can engage with GCMI or anyone can engage with GCMI in the future. Innovative medical technologies start with a great idea, novel science and an identified unmet clinical need. The process by which these technologies enter clinical care is as complicated as the science behind it.

What does the story mean for your research or science with potential to improve healthcare? 

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