K-Club 3/9/20

Location: Egleston Classrooms 5-7

"FAIL is not a four letter word: Why success is more likely when you’re willing to fail"


Jennifer M. Heemstra, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry
Emory University

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Teaching and science communication

Alongside her scientific research, Heemstra leads a research program in chemistry education and how students' perceive failure.[8] She has spoken about the need for scientists to embrace failure to succeed in their research. Heemstra is a science communicator who writes a regular column Office Hours for Chemical & Engineering News. She has discussed her scientific career on their podcast, Stereo Chemistry.[She has written for Nature Careers, Wiley and Editage, as well as on her own blog, Things That Change the Way I Think. She has been described as one of the "most influential scientists on social media". In 2018 she was selected as a Scialog Fellow.

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