12/10/20 The Proposal Development Timeline

Location: Webinar

Most successful grant-seekers know they can’t wait until the last minute if they want to submit competitive proposals, but what is the ideal proposal development timeline.

In this webinar, we will explore best practices and tips for when and how to get started on your proposal, while also highlighting key milestones to guide you towards the all-important deadline. This session will cover investigator-initiated research in addition to programmatic grant opportunities for a range of funder types.

Webinar: The Proposal Development Timeline
Date: Thursday, December 10th
Time: 12pm ET / 9am PT
Speakers: Hanover Grants Team Panel

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About Hanover Research: Hanover provides research development, grant writing, and strategic advising support to a wide range of organizations. Our professionals deliver customized proposal review, revision, and production support, while also helping to align strategic priorities to funding trends and opportunities at all levels.  To learn more about Hanover Research, visit

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