Spring 2018 Ethics Course 3/14/18

Location: SOM, Rooms 178P and 190P

The Responsible Conduct of Research Ethics Course is designed specifically for Postdoctoral and Research Fellows and early career biomedical scientific researchers. This course was designed with the advice of expert faculty, national guidelines for ethics training, the Emory Ethics Center, and Postdoctoral Fellow recommendations to assure its relevance to these trainees now and early career researchers in their future.  The course informs of ethical principles and policies relevant to the conduct of research through readings, creation of case studies, and class discussions.  The Background Information on each topic is read prior to the one-hour class discussions of case studies submitted by the Postdocs and Fellows.  The case study discussions are led by faculty facilitators.  The Background information on each topic is sent as an attachment to an email to course registrants.  The discussions of case studies explore methods for acceptable ethical resolution of the case study problems. Postdocs, Research Fellows, and early career researchers are the future leaders of the world’s scientific research enterprise and it is hoped the course will help them govern now and in the future with the ethical guidelines required in the responsible conduct of research.

Course Director:  Mary J. DeLong, Ph.D.
                            Office of Postdoctoral Education

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