Special CF-AIR Workshop 4/18/18: GRA

Location: ECC 302

Weekly CF-AIR Workshop, more information here

April 18, 2018: Special Guest -- Georgia Research Alliance (GRA)

The Georgia Research Alliance (GRA, at ) is a public-private partnership that helps to drive the state’s economy by way of our research universities. The GRA manages several programs that are of interest to us, including the GRA Eminent Scholars program (Drs. Sorscher and Whiteley) and the GRA Distinguished Investigators program (Dr. Wuest). Relevant to other researchers is the GRA Ventures Fund Program and the lead-in to it, which is the ventures development program. This has been hugely successful, and is a major pathway for getting seed funding for projects that may turn into companies with commercial impact. And, they have interest in CF; see

Several GRA colleagues will present. Representatives from both Emory and Georgia Tech offices of technology transfer also plan to attend.

Please RSVP to attend. A remote viewing option available, please sign up in the RSVP to receive those details.

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