Bringing In The Research Dollars! (BiRD)

AHA Transformational Project Award

Deadline: January 23, 2018

Amount: $100,000 a year for 3 years, including indirect costs


This American Heart Association award is to support highly innovative, high-impact projects that build on work in progress that could ultimately lead to critical discoveries or major advancements that will accelerate the field of cardiovascular and stroke research.
Research deemed innovative may be built around an emerging paradigm, approaching an existing problem from a new perspective, or exhibit other uniquely creative qualities.
The Transformational Project Award (TPA) represents the second phase of a successful exploratory study that is already showing a high probability of revealing new avenues of investigation; proposals should include preliminary data.
This program aims to provide pilot or seed funding that should lead to successful competition for additional funding beyond the pilot period. The principal investigator (PI) is responsible for clearly and explicitly articulating the project's innovation and the potential impact on cardiovascular and stroke research.

Science Focus

All basic, clinical, translational and population research broadly related to cardiovascular function and disease and stroke, or to related clinical, basic science, bioengineering or biotechnology, and public health problems.

Target Audience

At the time of award activation:

  • The candidate must hold a post-baccalaureate Ph.D. degree or equivalent, or a doctoral-level clinical degree, such as M.D., D.O., D.V.M., Pharm.D., or Ph.D. in nursing, public health, or other clinical health science.
  • This program places no limit on eligibility based on career stage, academic rank or discipline. It requires only evidence of employment at a qualified institution.
  • While no minimum percent effort is specified, the principal investigator must demonstrate that adequate time will be devoted to ensuring successful completion of the proposed project.

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