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Saul J. Karpen, MD, PhD, FAASLD

Saul J. Karpen, MD, PhD, FAASLD headshot

Chief Scientific Officer
Stravitz-Sanyal Institute for Liver Disease and Metabolic Health
Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) School of Medicine
Adjunct Professor of Pediatrics
Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU

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The overarching aim of Dr. Karpen's research is to understand the root causes and adaptive mechanisms for cholestasis, with the goal of discovering and implementing rational molecular targets, focusing upon nuclear receptors, bile acids and transporters.  Recent research along these lines includes discovering genetic contributions to biliary atresia (BA) and the use of IBAT inhibitors in global clinical studies of BA and other cholestatic diseases of childhood.  His overall goals are to develop integrative programs to improve clinical care, enhance basic hepatology research, and provide applied clinical research, including the discovery of new therapeutic agents—all focused upon the unique and pressing needs of infants and children with liver disease.

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