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Christopher B. Doering, PhD

Christopher B. Doering, PhD headshot

Associate Professor of Pediatrics,
Aflac Cancer & Blood Disorders Center
Emory University School of Medicine

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Dr. Doering is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and is focused on three main research areas: gene therapy for hemophilia A; the generation of novel factor VIII molecules demonstrating greater expression and increased stability properties; and the genetic and biochemical regulation of blood coagulation factors. Research in Dr. Doering’s laboratory focuses on the development of modified blood coagulation factors and their implementation in gene transfer-based therapies for hemophilia A. Currently, his team is focused on the generation of high expression factor VIII molecules, which are being tested preclinically in a gene therapy setting using a murine model of hemophilia A. Additionally, Dr. Doering seeks to understand the genetic and biochemical regulation involved in the biosynthesis of large secreted glycoproteins, e.g. blood coagulation factors. Dr. Doering’s research is funded by NIH R21, R42 and R01 grants.

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