Research IT Resources

Research IT resources includes tools and electronic infrastructure to facilitate high quality research. 

The Pediatric Research Alliance works at the intersection of multiple institutions in Atlanta. While this affords a number of resources for use by researchers, navigating and accessing resources between institutions, or choosing between duplicated items, can be confusing. This section guides child health-related researchers in navigating the options, while exposing them to the wide selection of options.

Emory University and Children's Healthcare of Atlanta offer a number of electronic systems to aid in the collection and management of data, as well as to submit and obtain grants. Frequently used resources and guidance found on the IT Tools for Research page.

Child health researchers have access to a number of big data sets through affiliations with Emory University, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and Georgia Tech. These resources can be used together both to determine feasibility of a clinical research project and to answer research questions. Learn more on the Big Data Resources & Tools page.

A number of research IT resources are available to support every step of the research process at both Emory University and Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

  • Click here for the full Emory University Service Catalog
  • Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Research requires many programs and services. Available to child health-related researchers:

  • Statistical software: SAS, SPSS, Prism, Excel, Access
  • Freezer Monitoring
  • EndNote
  • Adobe Products
  • Microsoft Office Products

To obtain these products and more:

  • Emory University account: submit a ticket to Emory's IT, link available here
  • Children's Healthcare of Atlanta account: submit a ticket to the IS&T Solutions Center (Careforce Link, must be on Children's network to access) or by emailing
  • Freezer monitoring in the Emory-Children's Center and the Health Sciences Research Building, contact Kira Moresco

Both Emory University and Children's Healthcare of Atlanta utilize sponored accounts to facilitate access to their systems for non-employees.

  • Emory University account: sponsor should submit a ticket to Emory's IT to request account for non-employees, link available here. If you need help identifying a sponsor, contact Robert Migliore or Stacy Heilman.
  • Children's Healthcare of Atlanta account: non-employees must be credentialed in order to have any access. See credentialling information on Training & Credentialing page.

In spring 2017, a series bringing together Research IT resources and leaders covered many topics related to supporting researchers. View the video and slide archive on the Research IT Information & Exchange Series page

  • Data Driven Resources to Assess Project Feasibility
  • Tools to Facilitate Data Collection and Organization: discussed resources and more can also be found on the Electronic Research Systems & Programs page
  • Large Data Set Mining to Answer Research Questions: deiscussed how to access resources to access and use large data sets, more information can be found on this page, too.
  • Analysis fo Research Data: learn more from the Biostatistics Cores, too
  • Lab Based Research IT
  • Collaborative Opportunities and Tools in Informatices Research