Institution Fact Sheets and Rates




Federal Tax ID (EIN) 58-0566256 58-2367819
DUNS # 066469933 938653458
Federal Wide Assurance # 00005792 00000644
Congressional District GA 005 GA 005
PHS Assurance # A3180-01 n/a
Federal Cognizant Agency DHHS, Contact: Steven Zuraf 301-492-4855 DHHS, Contact: Arif Karim 202-401-2749
F&A (IDC) Rates Emory F&A Rates CHOA F&A Rates
IRB Meeting Schedule Emory IRB Meeting Schedule CHOA IRB Meeting Schedule
Link to full Institutional Fact Sheet Emory Fact Sheet CHOA Fact Sheet
A-133 Audit Reports Emory A-133 CHOA A-133
W-9 Emory W-9 CHOA W-9