Core Report

The spot for news from the cores of the Pediatric Research Alliance!

Fall 2021 is the latest edition!

Fall 2021

Winter 2020

  • Director's message to the cores
  • Highlights from the CTDC
  • Kudos to our researchers & researcher teams
  • Highlights from the biostats core
  • Meet the new staff

Spring 2020

  • Pediatric Cores operation during COVID-19 pandemic
  • Core Highlight: Children's Clinical and Translational Discovery Core
  • Meet the New Personnel of The Cores: Lisa Bixby and Gaurav Joshi
  • Highlights in Flow Cytometry Core: FACSymphony A5&A3; Pediatric/Winship Open House Event; New rates in CY2020
  • Highlights in ICI: the 17th GDBBS Student Research Symposium ICI Image Competition Winners
  • Other Resources - Georgia Tech (Bioinformatics): Summer Internships for Bioinformatics Master's Students; ABiL GT

Spring 2019

  • Flow Core Partnership with Winship Cancer Institute
  • Research Profile: Curtis Henry ICI pediatrics pilot
  • Staff Profile: Jennifer Schmid
  • Instrument Profile: Vevo LAZR

Fall 2018

  • Research Profile: Bench to Bedside: Enabling Animal Models of Pediatric Cardiac Arrest with the Animal Physiology Core
  • Staff Profile: Scott Gillespie of the Biostats Core
  • Core Profile: Clinical Processing Laboratory at the Center for Advanced Pediatrics
  • Research Profile: Integrated Cellular Imaging Core Pediatric Pilots

Spring 2018

  • Core Profile: Integrated Cellular Imaging (ICI) Core -- new instruments in the HSRB location
  • Research Profile: Winterberg Lab and the Animal Physiology Core
  • Instrument Profile: New LC/MS/MS in the Biomarkers Core
  • Core Team Profile: Flow Cytometry Core
  • Core Day 2018 Photos
  • Contact Information

Fall 2017

  • Profile: Chris Porter, MD, new director of Children's Clinical & Translational Discovery Core
  • Research Profile: Using the Amnis ImageStream II by Susan Stephenson & Jocelyn Grunwell
  • Instrument Profile: General Equipment
  • Core Profile: Pediatric Heart Diseases Data Registry Core
  • Contact Information

Spring 2017

  • Core Profile: Biomarkers Core
    • Dawson Lab working with the Biomarkers Core
    • De Grauw and Kuan Labs working with the Biomarkers Core
  • Staff Profile: Ming Shen
  • Instrument Profile: Lattice Light Sheet (ICI)
  • ICI Pilot and Flow Core Mini-Pilot Awardees
  • Publication Profile: Wei Deng, PhD
  • Contact Information

Fall 2016

The inaugural Core Report!

  • Meet the Animal Physiology Core Director: Joshua Maxwell, PhD
  • Core Profile: Biorepository
  • Joshua Chandler Using the CF Discovery Core
  • Instrument Profile: Amnis ImageStream
  • ICI Event Flyer
  • Contact Information