The Vevo LAZR add-on system for VisualSonics incorporates photoacoustic imaging into high-resolution ultrasound allowing for anatomical, functional, and molecular imaging. Photoacoustic imaging is an in-vivo hybrid imaging modality that combines the sensitivity and contrast of optical imaging with the depth and resolution of ultrasound. When pulsed laser light illuminates tissue, the optical absorbers such as hemoglobin undergo thermoelastic expansion, generating an acoustic pressure wave which is detected with an ultrasound transducer. The ultrasound imaging provides a high-resolution frame of reference for identifying anatomy, while the photoacoustic imaging enables functional measurements such as oxygen saturation, total hemoglobin, and the microdistribution of biomarkers.

Vevo LAZR Features and Software Tools

  • Multi-Wavelength
  • Oxy-hemo
  • PA EKV (additional requirements needed)
  • Single Wavelength
  • Spectro

3D-Mode with Real-Time Visualization or Reconstruction

  • Real-time updating of 2imagesge for visualization and acquisition
  • Control of imaging volume for precise analysis
  • Volumetric acquisition
  • Review, analyze and export 3D data sets

Contrast Applications

  • Detection and quantification of photoacoustic imaging agents
  • Multi-Wavelength Imaging: Allows precise adjustment of output laser wavelength
  • Allows optimal wavelength to be used for various absorbing structures or contrast agents

Digital RF-Mode Export Capability

  • Allows for imagen data export in formats that can be analyzed using MATLAB, C++, or other programming environments
  • Allows multispectral photoacoustic analysis
  • Allows for custom and sophisticated image processing

HemoMeaZure Tool

  • Total Hemoglobin content and quantification
  • Assess anemia


  • Imaging and consolidation of data from multiple wavelengths
  • Reduction of background noise
  • Improves sensitivity to photoacoustic contrast agents
  • Imaging of multiple contrast agents simultaneously

OxyZated Tool

  • Oxygen saturation calculation and quantification
  • Assthe ess hypoxic statethe  of tumor microenvironment to predict disease burden
  • Fetal/maternal physiology
  • Stroke/ischemia

Presets, Preferences, Display Maps

  • Optimized parameters for various imaging applications
  • Ready-to-use, one-touch imaging presets
  • Control and adjustment of presets
  • Creation of new presets
  • Customized workflow

Respiration Gating Capability

  • Acquisition gated to defined time points within the breathing cycle
  • Improves or eliminates motion artifact due to breathing
  • Particularly useful for abdominal imaging

Simultaneous Mode (Overlay)

  • Allows anatomical imaging and photoacoustic imaging simultaneously and/or independently
  • Identification of anatomical targets in high-resolution with inherently registered high-sensitivity photoacoustic data
  • Positional information of signal real-time