CF Analytics Core

The CF@LANTA RDP CF Analytics Core (CFAC) is directed by Facundo Fernandez, PhD. For overview slides about the core please see here.

This RDP Core is based administratively at Georgia Tech, with sub-cores that leverage the strengths and investment at both Emory University and Georgia Tech. These institutions have a longstanding record of cohesive and integrated operation in biomedical research. The clinical and translational environment of both institutions is further enriched by participation in the Atlanta Clinical and Translational Science Institute (ACTSI).

  • Metabolomics Sub-Core: Located in Georgia Tech’s Systems Mass Spectrometry Center (SYMS-C) housed in Georgia Tech’s Engineered Biosystems Building (EBB), under the direction of CFAC co-Director Facundo Fernandez, PhD. High-resolution global metabolomics support high-throughput analysis with broad coverage of dietary, host-specific, microbiome-derived, and environmental chemicals. Targeted, quantitative metabolomics assays are also provided to further explore individual metabolites related to disease phenotype and disease progression. David Smalley, PhD serves as SYMC-C Technical Director.
  • Proteomics Sub-Core: Co-located in Georgia Tech’s SYMS-C (Technical Director: David Smalley, PhD) and Dr. Wu’s lab, both housed in Georgia Tech’s EBB building, under the direction of Ronghu Wu, PhD. The Proteomics Sub-Core provides quantitative proteomic analysis for different types of complex biological samples from cells, tissues, and bodily fluids. LC-MS/MS-based measurements will be performed with high-resolution Thermo LTQ-Orbitrap Elite and Q-Exactive Plus mass spectrometers coupled with on-line LC systems.
  • Redox/Immuno-inflammation Sub-Core: Located in the Emory-Children’s Center on Emory campus, under the leadership of Lou Ann S. Brown, PhD, Director of the Pediatrics Biomarker Core. The Biomarkers core maintains and oversees analyses of GSH:GSSG, Cys:CySS and other antioxidant systems, and oxidative stress measures such as nitrotyrosine, methionine sulfoxide, and isoprostanes in cells, tissues, and aqueous samples.  Rabindra Tirouvanziam, PhD serves as a Technical Co-Leader, overseeing immuno-inflammatory profiling of blood and airway cells/fluid using his unique expertise of high-content flow/image cytometry and ELISA, Bioplex, and enzymatic assays.

The CFAC offers a number of services via the SYMS-C, please contact Facundo Fernandez, PhD or David Smalley, PhD for more details. You can also learn more about SYMS-C here.

To view the Biomarkers Core services please see here.

To access the services of the CFAC please contact Facundo Fernandez, PhD or David Smalley, PhD.

To use the Biomarkers Core services please see here.

CF researchers have access to consultation and assistance with experimental design at no cost. CF researchers are also eligible for material & supplies subsidies. Please contact David Smalley, PhD for details. 

Proteomics Services Price
(per sample)
Proteomics Sample Processing (Traditional) $40
Phosphopeptide Enrichment (over 1 mg) $100
Phosphopeptide Enrichment (<100 ug) $880
Kinome Enrichment $1640
Additional Sample Prep (per Hour) $80
Labeling Isobaric Tag (4-plex, either iTRAQ or TMT)
(set of 4 samples)
Labeling Isobaric Tag (6-plex, TMT) (Set of 6 samples) $1350
Analysis of Complex Mixture (1D Separation) (per run) $200
Analysis of Complex Mixture (2D Separation)  $2400
High Resolution Protein Mass measurement (First Sample) $120
High Resolution Protein Mass measurement (Additional Samples) $20
Standard Data Analysis  (per sample) $20
Additional Sample Analysis (per hour) $60


Metabolomic/Lipidomic Services Price
(per sample)
Metabolomics Sample Processing (Traditional) $6
Additional Sample Prep (per Hour) $80
Metabolomic/Lipidomic LC-MS/MS Analysis (short gradient-
Negative Mode) (2 runs/sample)
Metabolomics/Lipidomic LC-MS/MS Analysis (short gradient-
Positive Mode) (2 runs/sample)
Additional Sample Analysis (per hour) $60