Resources & Cores

CF@LANTA will be conducting mock study section reviews of center member grants. The goal is to provide PIs and trainees with feedback in advance of grant deadlines in order to improve the likelihood of successful review by the extramural agency. Mock study sections will be conducted by experienced members of CF@LANTA using the NIH and CFF study section framework.

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The Biomarkers Core provides state of the art equipment and up-to-date technology to provide high quality analysis of biological samples in the fastest turnaround time possible to support pediatric research.

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The CF Animal Models Core provides murine models relevant to cystic fibrosis researchers. Multiple models are maintained and provided to researchers at a reasonable cost towards helping to address specific aspects of CF.

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The CF Discovery Core utilizes the Cystic Fibrosis Biospecimen Registry (CF-BR) which is a storage bank of several thousand biofluids collected from patients with cystic fibrosis at varying disease states. This core works closely with the RDP Clinical & Translational Core.

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Slides from a presentation about the CF@LANTA RDP Clinical & Translational Core, which includes the CF Discovery Core, can be found here.

The CF@LANTA RDP CF Analytics Core is directed by Facundo Fernandez, PhD.

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The CF@LANTA RDP CF Clinical & Translational Core is directed by Arlene Stecenko, MD. This core works closely with the CF Discovery Core.

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The CF@LANTA RDP Experimental Models Core is directed by Michael Koval, PhD.

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The CF@LANTA RDP Research Training Core is directed by Joanna Goldberg, PhD.

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The Pediatric Research Alliance maintains a General Equipment Core. Please click here for more information. For equipment specific to the CF-AIR Center, please click here.